how does page bleed work?

Print projects which need to print right to the edge of the paper (i.e. without a white border) require a 3mm extra “bleed” on each edge. In most cases this MUST be done by the designer before sending the final artwork to us.

All artwork should also contain a safe area of at least another 3-4mm inside the trim area for important text or graphic content.

For example lets take a  DL Rack Card which has a …

bleed size: of 105 x 216mm
final trim: of 99 x 210mm
safe area: of 93 x 204mm


(And other professional design applications)

Page size should be the final trim size (in this case 99 x 210mm) with margins at 3mm or more as a guide for your safe area.

When exporting a PDF go to the Marks & Bleeds tab, check “cop marks” and assign 3mm to each of the four bleed boxes.


Image size should be the full bleed size (in this case 105 x 216mm).

Add guides at 3mm and 6mm on each edge to indicate where the final trim and safe area should be. Never allow important text or graphic content outside the safe area.


If you do not understand any of the above please contact us and we will be happy to explain what is required.